Title:Foundation for change: report of the public commission on legal aid in British Columbia.
Author(s):Doust, Leonard T
Subject:Law – Canada|split|Poverty – programs, services|split|Social assistance – programs, services|split|Social services – planning, policy
Publisher:Public Commission on Legal Aid
Place of Publication:Vancouver
Date of Publication:2011

Len Doust’s report, “Foundation for Change: Report on the Public Legal Commission on Legal Aid in BC” reflects problems with lack of services:
“The need for legal aid for poverty law matters is perhaps the least understood, but is clearly a pressing area of concern. Poverty law problems include issues such as debt, access to social assistance and housing, workers compensation claims, access to pension benefits and many other social welfare benefits to which individuals are legally entitled.”

            Material Type:Report

G. LAW-CRIME/G.01 GENERAL/2011 foundation_for_change.pdf

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