Title:The future of teaching in Alberta
            Corporate Author: The Alberta Teachers’ Association
            Subject:Education – general 
            Publisher:The Alberta Teachers’ Association
            Place of Publication:Edmonton
            Date of Publication:2011

This stellar document, from the Alberta Teachers’ Association, reaffirms the timeless virtues of teaching while embracing and advancing the need to change the ways in which they are sometimes realized. Alberta’s great strength as a global leader in educational achievement has been its ability to work with paradoxes and not be defeated or divided by them. The Future of Teaching in Alberta is an invaluable manuscript that should be read far and wide, not only in Alberta or only in Canada. It has global relevance, and we welcome its appearance, dissemination, reading and rereading by educators and publics around the world without reservation.

 Material Type:Report

K. EDUCATION/2011 future_of_teaching_in_alberta.pdf

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