Title:Human trafficking in Calgary: informing a localized response: March 2012.
Author(s):Quarterman, Lara|split|Kaye, Julie|split|Winterdyk, John
Corporate Author: ACT Alberta
Mount Royal University. Centre for Criminology and Justice Research
Subject:Exploitation – labour|split|Exploitation – sex trade
Publisher:ACT Alberta
Mount Royal University. Centre for Criminology and Justice Research
Place of Publication:Calgary
Date of Publication:2012

Despite increasing awareness about human trafficking in Alberta and Canada, there is insufficient detailed knowledge about how communities are responding to human trafficking and local strategies to address the rights and needs of trafficked persons remain underdeveloped.

This project represents the first Canadian attempt to document how a major Canadian urban centre is addressing the rights and needs of trafficked persons and as such, focuses on Calgary. The project surveyed 53 respondents and conducted five focus group discussions during the fall of 2011.

The report begins by providing an overview of the active role that the Action Coalition on human Trafficking (ACT) Alberta plays in the province as well as an overview of key legislation pertaining to human trafficking in Canada.

The main findings of the report point to a clear lack of clarity around a number of significant issues that individually and collectively speak to the challenges facing agencies and organizations in providing the appropriate responses to victims of trafficking in Calgary.

The report concludes with ten recommendations that identify potential responses to the key issues highlighted in the report, including reinforcing a victim-centered definition of human trafficking, increasing consultation and coordination among service providers, providing realistic messages and awareness raising campaigns, offering specialized training to support improved victim assistance, and continuing research in the area of human trafficking in Alberta.

Material Type:Report

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