Title: 2013 Alberta nonprofit survey
Collection: Alberta
Corporate Author: Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations
Subject: Non-profit organizations – finances | Non-profit organizations – personnel | Non-profit organizations – program planning
Publisher: Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations
Place of Publication: Calgary
Date of Publication: 2013
Language: English
Abstract: The Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations’ (CCVO) Alberta Nonprofit Surveys take an annual snapshot of the health and experience of Alberta’s nonprofits and charities and capture information on finances, demand for services, staffing, and the future economic outlook of organizations. These surveys help illustrate the changes occurring in Alberta’s nonprofit sector. The 2013 survey is the sixth in this series. This year we explored new areas including operating reserves, capital campaigns, advocacy, the implementation of Alberta’s Social Policy Framework, and the impact of the elimination of two provincial programs. The survey ran from March 21 to May 6, 2013 and received 402 responses. This is not a scientific survey and nor is the sample representative. That said, the composition of our sample remains relatively constant from year to year.

The survey was administered shortly after the provincial budget was introduced. Budget 2013 triggered a strong reaction from some areas within Alberta’s nonprofit sector and a lot has happened since this survey was in the field. Our initial assessment was that this survey captured a mood (or moods) that may have shifted over the intervening weeks as some of the implications of the provincial budget became known. As this report was in its final stages, many southern Alberta communities declared statesof emergency due to severe flooding, the full impact of which will not be known for many months. [Taken from report]

B. NON PROFITS/B.06 PUBLICATIONS/2013AlbertaNonprofitSurvey.pdf

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