Title: Sector Monitor, Vol. 1, No. 3
Author(s): Lasby, David, & Barr, Cathy
Citation: Vol. 1 No. 3
Subject: Non-profit organizations – general
Publisher: Imagine Canada
Place of Publication: Toronto
Date of Publication: 2011
Abstract: This edition of the Sector Monitor looks at conditions in late 2010. The report presents results for the Monitor’s core set of tracking questions and summarizes the responses of 1,625 leaders of registered charities who participated in this version of the survey. The survey was conducted between October 28 and November 24, 2010. “This version of the Monitor is particularly significant because it marks the completion of our first year of regular surveys,” says Marcel Lauzière, Imagine Canada President and CEO. From this Sector Monitor “…the results are mixed. On one hand, the level of organizational stress appears to have receded; on the other hand, revenues still appear to be stagnating and are increasingly outpaced by expenditures. Perhaps more alarmingly, small organizations appear to be losing a steady trickle of paid staff.”
Language: English
Material Type: Report

B. NON PROFITS/B.06 PUBLICATIONS/2011 sector_monitor1.3.pdf

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