Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL)

The AFL is a voice for unions and working people in Alberta, working to ensure that workers get the protection they deserve. AFL has undertaken several campaigns including one on minimum wage in which they are advocating for a living wage. This site offers an overview of labour-related issues, as well as research  reports, publications, and an Alberta arbitration database.

Alberta Human Services: Employment and Immigration: Wage and Salary Information     

Information on the Alberta Government’s Employment, Immigration and Industry Department website. Links to the Alberta Wage and Salary Survey results, minimum wage data, and WAGEinfo database.

Centre for Social Justice 

The Centre for Social Justice is an advocacy organization that seeks to strengthen the struggle for social justice. It conducts research, education and advocacy in a bid to narrow the gap in income, wealth and power, and enhance peace and human security. Key areas of focus include: democracy & corporate power, economic inequality, racial inequality, gender inequality, health inequality, and peace & justice.

Economic Policy Institute (United States) 

The Economic Policy Institute is a US-based non-profit think tank dedicated to broadening public debate about strategies to achieve a prosperous and fair economy. Various US statistics are offered, including a comprehensive guide to living wages, fact sheets, key resources and links, and case studies of cities that have implemented a living wage. Great for those seeking general info and knowledge of what has been done in terms of a living wage campaign in the US.

Government of Canada: Department of Labour: Databases on Minimum Wages

Database from Human Resources and Social Development Canada. Gives background information on minimum wages, including the history, current legislation, minimum wage boards and review processes, and categories of workers covered or excluded. Also includes information on current and forthcoming minimum wage rates, and historical wage rates since 1965 for Canada and the provinces and territories.

Institute for the Study of Labor

The Institute for the Study of Labor is a private, independent research institute based in Germany. IZA focuses on the economic analysis of national and international labour markets. Research program areas include: evaluation of labour market programs, labour markets and institutions, employment and development, and more.

Living Wage Learning Initiative: Vibrant Communities

One of Vibrant Communities’ campaigns is the Living Wage Learning Initiative, in which members are investigating the possibility of implementing a living wage through regulatory or voluntary approaches. Page includes an overview of the project and the communities involved, as well as links to various reports and case studies from Canada and the United States, a Living Wage Manual, and links to other living wage resources.

Vibrant Communities Calgary

Part of the national Vibrant Communities initiative, Vibrant Communities Calgary (VCC) is a convening organization that brings together individuals concerned about poverty and its effects, and is committed to developing and implementing long-term strategies to address the root causes of poverty in our community. VCC is currently working on three initiatives: Fair Fares, Living Wage, and Vibrant Workplaces. The Living Wage section of the site provides living wage fact sheets and links to other relevant resources.

WAGEinfo: Alberta Wage and Salary Survey results

A sub-site of the Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS). WAGEinfo displays the results of the Alberta Wage and Salary Survey, which covers over 475 occupations and provides information on wages and salaries for full-time and part-time employees in Alberta by occupation, geographic area, and industry group.

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