tracking the TRENDS is the ESPC’s flagship publication that offers a comprehensive collection of current and historical demographic and socio-economic data focused on the Edmonton region.

The publication divides the trends into six major categories:

  • Demographics – indicators of population growth, immigration and population diversity.
  • Education & Employment – indicators of educational achievement and employment status of the population.
  • Cost of Living & Housing Trends – indicators of the costs of basic necessities, such as food and housing, as well as the housing status of the population.
  • Earnings & Income – indicators of the changing value of the wages, incomes and net worth of individuals and families.
  • Poverty – indicators of the prevalence of low income, as well as the incidence of acute forms of poverty, such as homelessness.
  • Government Income Supports – indicators of the investments made by governments towards improving financial security and the impact of those investments on low income families.

This edition also includes an updated Social Health Index. The intent of this index is to provide a measure of the overall social well-being of Edmonton, and how it has changed over time.

The entire 2013 Edition is now available in pdf format [126 pages] Tracking the Trends 2013.


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