Edmonton’s population reaches 877,926, Global Edmonton, August. 29, 2014

Here we grow again! Edmonton’s population is up more than 60,000 in the last two years. Vinesh Pratap finds out what the numbers mean.

(This television news item was a follow-up to Mayor Don Iveson’s announcement that the city’s population grew by about seven percent in the past two years.)

Following interviews with two people who recently moved to the city, Edmonton Social Planning Council’s executive director Susan Morrissey was quoted saying: “You can’t assume that just because we are going to be in another economic growth period that everyone is going to benefit.” (and following some images of homeless people… ) “It’s not perfect but I do think that we are now on the (same) page and everyone is saying let’s take all of these plans and put them together and address these issues that way.”


Watch the video here.

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