October 7, 2014
(Edmonton) There’s no question Edmonton is growing in population but a new report being released Oct. 7 reveals that the city is also getting younger.
Vital Signs® Edmonton 2014, produced by the Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) in partnership with the Edmonton Social Planning Council (ESPC), presents a wide range of statistics on housing, education, health, cultural diversity, voting trends, student debt and more, with a specific focus on youth.
Among the many findings, the reports shows that Edmonton’s median age is 36, compared to Canada’s median age of 40.6 is the only large Canadian city that actually got younger between 2006 and 2011.
The report reveals that youth are feeling reasonably optimistic about their futures, youth are better educated, less likely to be involved in crime, and less likely to become pregnant. Youth, however, are also facing challenges; unemployment is still high, youth wages are low, and a survey of the youth found bullying and drug use to be high rated concerns.
Findings If metro Edmonton is 100 people: 
  • 65 will own their own home
  • 65 will have graduated from a post-secondary institution
  • 34 will rent their home
  • 81 will have completed high school
  • 12 will live in low income or poverty
  • 30 are visible minorities
  • 41 did not vote federally
  • 34 describe themselves as overweight
The report also reveals the attitudes and economic realities of 15 to 24 year olds.
  • 65 per cent of youth agree with the statement: “I think the people of greater Edmonton area accept different cultures and beliefs.”
  • 68 per cent of youth feel it is important to be involved in their community while only seven percent of the general population feel that youth actually are involved in their community.
  • 52.9 per cent of youth earn $15/hour or less.
  • Youth cite bullying (16.3%) as the biggest concern facing them today while only four per cent of adults think bullying is an issue.

“This is the second Vital Signs® report ECF has produced. In addition to providing a snapshot of the well-being of our community, it brings targeted issues to our attention so we can focus our initiatives,” says Martin Garber-Conrad, CEO, Edmonton Community Foundation.

“The report’s findings are consistent with the findings found in other research work we do,” said Susan Morrissey, ESPC executive director. “While Edmonton is quickly growing and economically prosperous, a portion of our community struggles to find affordable housing, healthcare, education and well-paying jobs.”

Vital Signs Edmonton is one of 28 Vital Signs® reports released Oct. 7 by community foundations across Canada. Vital Signs is an annual community check-up that provides a comprehensive look at how our communities are faring in key quality-of-life areas. National findings are available at

Edmonton Community Foundation acts as a bridge between donors and greater Edmonton charities to help create and maintain a strong, vibrant community for generations to come. Through permanent endowment funds, the Foundation currently disburses four per cent of the income to greater Edmonton charities. ECF is the fourth largest community foundation in Canada and is a member of the Community Foundations of Canada, the Council on Foundations, Imagine Canada, and the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.
Edmonton Social Planning Council is an independent social research and analysis organization operating in Edmonton since 1940. ESPC focuses on analyzing and responding to policy decisions that impact people living in low-income situations, including issues of homelessness, wage equity, and social supports and benefits. ESPC produces Tracking the Trends, a biennial report analyzing social and economic trends over a 25-30 year time frame.
The printed report is available as an insert in the Oct. 7 Edmonton Journal. Online copies are available at and
Click here to download: Vital Signs® Edmonton 2014
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