The following message is from Vasant Chotai, board president of the Edmonton Social Planning Council:
“On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Edmonton Social Planning Council, I would like to express our sadness at the passing of one of our former board members. The first time I met Father Ed I was on the board of Quality of Life Commission, an organization closely associated with the ESPC. At that time he convinced me to join the ESPC board of directors for the valuable research role the council plays in our city.
I quickly came to know Father Ed’s compassionate nature as I sometimes gave him a ride to our meetings and had long chats on the way. He was a dedicated board member of the ESPC and a compassionate member of the community.
He always brought personal stories of people in the community who were experiencing difficulty in their lives – either through being poor, aboriginal, single parent, senior, immigrant, refugee or disabled; and he eloquently connected their experience with the issue as a living testament. Up until the last meeting he attended recently at our sister organization, he was energetic and enthusiastic about helping people who were down, never losing courage to speak up loudly and clearly.
Father Ed, as we called him, will be missed by our community and the two organizations he devoted his time to. Rest in peace, Father Ed.”
For more information:
Susan Morrissey, ESPC Executive Director
(780) 423-2031 x353 or (780) 218-7395 cell
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