Title:Improving employment outcomes for Albertans with disabilities: taking action in the new millennium.
Corporate Author: Alberta Disabilities Forum
Subject:Disabilities – physical, mental – employment, sheltered industries|split|Employment – planning, policy
Publisher:Alberta Disabilities Forum
Place of Publication:Edmonton
Date of Publication:2000

The Alberta Disabilities Forum (a group of 30 provincial not-for-profit organizations) has a strong interest in improving employment outcomes for Albertans with disabilities. Improving Employment Outcomes for Albertans with Disabilities: Taking Action in the New Millenium makes a contribution in this regard by taking general stock of where we are and making recommendations for future action.
In 1999, Canada’s National Quality Institute (NQI) developed the Canadian Quality Criteria for the Public Sector, which are recognized around the world. These criteria are described in this document and were used as the framework within which people with disabilities and their families, employers, service providers and service staff were asked about the supports and services that currently exist and about how to improve them.
A total of 50 interviews were conducted across Alberta: 15 persons with disabilities, 15 executive/senior managers of not-for-profit organizations, 15 employers of persons with disabilities, and 5 front-line service staff. Overall, the survey results revealed that while there are some effective practices in Alberta, there is significant room to improve employment outcomes for persons with disabilities. The observations and insights of interview participants were used as the basis to make several recommendations.


Material Type:Report

H. LABOUR/H.07 EMPLOYMENT/2000 improving_employment_outcomes.pdf

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