Title:Sex, work, rights: reforming Canadian criminal laws on prostitution.
Corporate Author: Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
Subject:Crime – general|split|Exploitation – sex trade|split|Health issues – AIDSPublisher:Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
Place of Publication:Toronto
Date of Publication:2005

A series of fact sheets on criminalization of sex work and AIDS.

Table Of Contents:

Includes: 1. Decriminalizing sex work(ers): law reform to protect health and human rights 2. Sex workers and HIV/AIDS: stigma, discrimination and vulnerability 3. Prostitution offences in the Criminal Code 4. Enforcing marginalization, undermining safety: the impact of the criminal law on sex workers 5. Regulating prostitution beyond the criminal law 6. Sex workers and international human rights 7. Sex work and women’s rights 8. Sex workers and the Charter 9. New Zealand and Sweden: two models of reform 10. Essential resources

Material Type:Fact Sheet

G. LAW-CRIME/G.06 WOMEN/2005 sex_work_rights.pdf

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