Title:Trafficking in human beings: human rights and trans-national criminal law, developments in law and practices.
Author(s):Touzenis, Kristina
Subject:Immigration – general|split|Exploitation – sex trade
Publisher:United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Place of Publication:Paris
Date of Publication:2010

Trafficking and smuggling are widely regarded as a criminal justice issue. They affect territorial integrity because they involve the facilitation of crossing of borders and remaining in a state in violation of national criminal and immigration laws. Trafficking and smuggling also undermine the rule of law and political foundation of states because traffickers and smugglers often resort to violence and corruption as a means to advance their business. The usual response at the national level has been crime control and immigration control in order to prosecute and punish traffickers/smugglers and reduce the flow of trafficked/smuggled people. But trafficking in human beings poses problems outside the scope of criminal law, including the issues of protection of victims and prevention of trafficking, which overlap with many human rights concerns.

Series:UNESCO Migration Studies
Material Type:Report

G. LAW-CRIME/G.06 WOMEN/2010 trafficking_in_human_beings.pdf

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