Title:Children’s mental health plan for Alberta: three year action plan : (2008-2011)
Corporate Author: Alberta Health and Wellness
Subject:Children – general|split|Health issues – mental health|split|Health issues – health in Alberta
Publisher:Government of Alberta
Place of Publication:Edmonton
Date of Publication:2008

On April 16, 2008 Alberta Health and Wellness launched a Health Action Plan to improve accessibility to health care and ensure the future sustainability of the health system. The Children’s Mental Health Plan for Alberta: Three Year Action Plan (2008-2011) supports the Health Action Plan by providing direction and funding over the next three years for strategies to improve access to mental health services for infants, children, youth and their families. The Children’s Mental Health Plan also aligns with the Health Action Plan by addressing the needs of children and youth at risk, which contributes to healthy and safe communities.
The development of the Children’s Mental Health Plan was informed by Positive Futures – Optimizing Mental Health for Alberta’s Children & Youth: A Framework for Action (2006-2016) and findings from community and stakeholder consultations. It builds on major initiatives undertaken by the Alberta government, including the Health Workforce Action Plan and the work of Alberta’s Crime Reduction and Safe Communities Task Force.


Material Type:Report

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