In September 2015, the EndPovertyEdmonton Task Force released its Strategy with a bold goal of ending poverty within a generation. [The] Strategy was robustly tested with thousands of Edmontonians who told us our community is more than ready to join us in the epic work to end poverty in a generation.


What defines Edmonton’s approach to ending poverty? We believe that ending poverty is not a business, but a calling. This sacred work speaks directly to our human rights lens and our Treaty roots that are central to the actions in this Road Map. This five year Road Map reflects our best thinking about our first steps and our initial priorities for action. As a community plan, it highlights the direction ahead.

We're Proud to Contribute

Edmonton Social Planning Council is listed as a potential partner for Action #15, "Actively encourage local employers in all sectors to learn about and implement living wage policies."

The report lists us as one of their leverage partners, and we're proud to help them as they "build on strong research and evaluation partnerships … [creating] a robust evaluation and measurement framework."

Click here to download the 2016 End Poverty in a Generation: A Road Map to Guide Our Journey.

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