Title:Green jobs: it’s time to build Alberta’s future.
Author(s):Thompson, David
Corporate Author: Sierra Club Prairie
The Alberta Federation of Labour
Subject:Employment – general|split|Environmental issues – general
Sierra Club Prairie
Alberta Federation of Labour
Place of Publication:Toronto
Date of Publication:2009

Labour and environmental groups are coming together – around the world and right here in Alberta – to call on governments to create green jobs. For too long, the two groups have been pitted against one another. The story crafted by political and business elites is that you can either have jobs or you can have a clean environment, but you can’t have both. However, people don’t buy that story anymore. The days of the jobs vs. environment myth are numbered. Environmental problems are increasingly seen as challenges to be overcome, and as opportunities to create good jobs cleaning up the environment. The emerging cooperation between labour and environmental groups is flipping the traditional story, and creating a new way to see the environment and the economy. People get it. They understand that you can have a clean environment and a strong economy, and they like the idea of governments pursuing policies that will lead to the creation of green jobs. The Alberta government can start right now, putting tens of thousands of Albertans back to work, building a cleaner, greener economy. The policy measures needed are straightforward, and the investments are very affordable. Certainly, they will create far more jobs than we are getting by throwing money at the oil and gas sector. With the potential for tens of thousands of green jobs, and a cleaner and greener economy, the real question is: can Alberta afford to not make the investment?

Table Of Contents:

Executive Summary Introduction What are green jobs? Why green jobs? The economic downturn requires fiscal stimulus We need to tackle global warming and other environmental issues Alberta’s employment picture The future of fossil fuels and employment Other rural jobs in decline Being a leader in the green economy . Green jobs sectors How many green jobs should Alberta aim to create? Replacing lost jobs Funds available for a green jobs stimulus Funding sources Sources of loan capital Conclusion: financing green jobs won’t be a problem Policies for creating green jobs Build Alberta’s energy efficiency Representative jobs Expand transit and create high-speed rail Representative jobs Accelerate renewable energy development Representative jobs Create other green jobs Meet the skills demand – education, training and transition Create a provincial green jobs strategy Timing and shape of the green jobs transition Short term: invest in creating green jobs over the next two years Medium term: diversify and consolidate green jobs gains Conclusion Appendix 1 – Home energy efficiency: employment and investment Appendix 2 – Eliminating fossil fuel handouts creates green jobs Appendix 3 – Reducing greenhouse gas emissions Endnotes

Material Type:Report

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