This year's Vital Signs report sheds light on changing Edmonton demographics.

We're young, pet-friendly and having a rough time with the economy.

Alex Boyd | Metro | Oct 6 2016

More immigration, more women, more dogs – the face of Edmonton is changing, as illustrated by this year's Vital Signs report.

The changes are a nod to the fact that our whole structure is changing, said Elizabeth Bonkink, with the Edmonton Community Foundation, which produces the report every year.

Bonkink points out that women outnumbering men may have something to do with the oil downturn, but there's larger forces at work, too.

When you look at Edmonton's demographics, you'll notice that most people don't have children, so the whole way we live our lives is changing, she said.

Originally life was around the family and having lots of kids to help the farm grow. But in recent years there's a lot more singles and a lot more couples living together without children.”


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