Title:Alberta poverty progress profile
Variant Title:May 2012
Corporate Author: Canada Without Poverty
Subject:Poverty – planning, policy|split|Poverty – programs, services
Publisher:Canada Without Poverty
Place of Publication:Ottawa
Date of Publication:2012

Alberta has faced a history of economic booms and busts for decades. Generally, the wealthier Albertans profit from strong provincial economic growth while middle and lower income Albertans struggle with income security, low personal disposable income, lack of social cohesion, and unaffordable housing. One in ten Albertan children live in poverty – about 73,000 children. Approximately, 24, 695 children living in poverty have either one or both parents working full time, full year which means, having a job is no longer a way out of poverty. Alberta’s living costs, especially for housing, are amongst the highest in Canada, which means an additional burden on low income families. Currently, Alberta does not have a provincial poverty plan to reduce and eliminate poverty, however on April 11, 2012, Premier Alison Redford was elected on a promise to develop an ambitious poverty reduction plan. The two main goals were to eliminate child poverty in 5 years and poverty in 10 years. The plan is now in development.

Material Type:Report

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