By: Kevin Maimann Metro Published on Tue Apr 25 2017
The Alberta government reminded low-income families Thursday that they could miss out on thousands of dollars if they don’t file their taxes.

Edmonton Social Planning Council Executive Director Susan Morrissey said the Alberta Child Benefit, which the government launched in late 2015, is a “poverty game changer."

“The bottom line is, regardless of your income, please fill out your tax return,” Morrissey said.

“You could be leaving money on the table that you could also be using for your families.”

Coupled with federal child benefit enhancements that took effect last summer, Morrissey said families with two kids could get up to $3,400 a year in tax-free benefits on top of their tax returns.

She said putting money directly into the pockets of low-income families is the most effective way to reduce child poverty.

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