fACT Sheet: 2023 Alberta Provincial Budget

March 1, 2023

Please note this is an excerpt from this fACT Sheet

The 2023-24 Alberta budget, titled Securing Alberta’s Future, covers finances from April 1, 2023 until March 31, 2024. This is the fifth budget of the governing United Conservative Party (UCP) before the upcoming provincial election, scheduled for May 29, 2023. This budget seeks to address the high cost of living brought on by record high inflation as well as economic diversification, community safety, and reform of the health care system. 

As with previous budgets, Budget 2023 boasts low taxation, which limits important investments in public services that support Albertans. If Alberta had the same tax structure as the next lowest taxed province (Ontario), the government would generate an additional $19.7 billion in revenue (2023-24).* 

This fACT Sheet will focus on developments related to social programming that impact those living in low-income and poverty. Investments that positively impact marginalized populations result in long-term savings in other public services, such as health care and the criminal justice system, and increase the overall well-being of our communities. 

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