Title:Homeless and jailed: jailed and homeless.
Corporate Author: John Howard Society of Toronto
Subject:Housing – affordable, social housing|split|Housing – temporary, emergency, homelessness
Publisher:John Howard Society of Toronto
Place of Publication:Toronto
Date of Publication:2010

Homelessness has become an entrenched problem in urban areas over the past several decades. Since the mid-1990s, senior governments have chosen to address homelessness among its citizens with ad hoc project funding rather than a comprehensive program to develop social housing as in the past. The presumed efficiencies in such an approach require adequate, reliable information to best target limited resources and to account for expenditures. Such information is frequently lacking. The report addresses a particular knowledge gap; it explores the housing situation of men who are jailed in the Toronto area; their housing options and service needs on discharge, with a focus on homeless prisoners; and maps their residential locations to compare the level of services in the neighbourhoods or areas where they live. The intention is to point to where resources can be directed to minimize chronic or repeat homelessness within this population.

 Material Type:Report

D. HOUSING/2010 homeless-and-jailed.pdf

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