Title:Immigration: for young citizens.
Author(s):Kent, Tom
Subject:Immigration – general
Publisher:Caledon Institute of Social Policy
Place of Publication:Ottawa
Date of Publication:2010

Immigration to Canada is in chaos. The federal government’s response to the problems has been to shuffle much of its responsibility to provincial governments and to employers recruiting for ostensibly temporary work. In the resulting confusion, the national purpose for immigration is lost. Some easements, such as better settlement services and language upgrading, are widely urged but little done. At best, they are only band-aids. Fundamental changes are needed.

Table Of Contents:

Mobility’s winners and losers 1 Youth is the priority 2 Shuffled responsibility 3 Temporaries 5 The special non-Canadians 6 Notwithstanding 7 Some orphans, no grannies 8 New selectivity 9 Citizens only 10 Taxpayers all 12 In sum 14 Conclusion 15

 Material Type:Report

F. SOCIAL ISSUES/F06 IMMIGRATION/2010 immigration_for_young_citizens.pdf

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