Title:Unravelling identities and belonging: criminal gang involvement of youth from immigrant families.
Author(s):Ngo, Hieu Van
Corporate Author: Collaborative Inquiry Network
Subject:Youth – general|split|Crime – young offenders|split|Immigration – general
Publisher:Centre for Newcomers
Place of Publication:Calgary
Date of Publication:2010

This research sought to answer (1) why and how some youth from immigrant families have become involved in criminal gang activity, and (2) what strategies can be used to effectively support high risk and gang involved youth from immigrant families. The research involved the interplay of two processes: the participatory group process of the collaborative inquiry network made up of 39 representatives from the community, social service, education, government, justice, health and media sectors; and the parallel one-on-one inquiry into the lived experience of 30 gang involved youth and former gang members from immigrant families.
The inquiry into the lived experiences of the gang involved participants illustrated the complex pathways towards criminal gang involvement and out of gang life followed by youth from immigrant families, and the detrimental effect on the wellbeing and behaviour of these young people consequent upon the unraveling of their sense of identity and belonging.

Material Type:Report

G. LAW-CRIME/G.07 YOUTH/2010 unravelling_identities.pdf

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