Title: Housing and harm reduction: A policy framework for Greater Victoria.
Author(s): Pauly, Bernie; Reist, Dan; Schactman, Chuck; Belle-Isle, Lynne
Corporate Author: University of Victoria Centre for Addictions Research of BC
Subject: Housing – temporary, emergency, homelessness; Housing – planning, policy; Health issues – alcohol and drug abuse
Publisher: Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness
Place of Publication: Victoria BC
Date of Publication: 2011
Abstract: This policy framework was requested by the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness to guide its work in implementing a housing first strategy and the necessary supports. The Coalition required a relevant and realistic regional harm reduction action plan to complement the Coalition‘s housing and prevention plans that takes into account existing strategies, responds to real needs in the community and is based on the evidence for best practices.
Language: English
Material Type: Report

D. HOUSING/2011 housing_harm_reduction.pdf

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