The Edmonton Poverty Elimination Initiative is a city-wide effort involving individuals an organizations from a broad range of sectors that share a vision of ending poverty in Edmonton. Led by a Steering Committee, they drafted, “Unleashing our Potential: Eliminating Poverty in Edmonton” in June 2012, a preliminary framework that laid out the Initiative’s foundational approach and intended as a tool for engaging Edmontonians in a poverty dialogue. This document proposed to shift the poverty dialogue and action beyond charity and the alleviation of poverty through an approach based on resilience, investment and engagement.

This dialogue began with Edmontonians, especially those living in poverty, to participate in identifying solutions to poverty. From September to December 2013, a series of focused conversations were held with various groups and organizations. This report is a documentation of experiences of poverty that people shared in these conversations, their perceptions and insights of what causes poverty and their ideas on solutions to poverty. More importantly, their hopes and aspirations for better quality of life in the city.

Engaging Edmontonians to Thrive and Prosper: What We Heard

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