Title:No more stolen sisters: the need for a comprehensive response to discrimination and violence against indigenous women in Canada.
Corporate Author: Amnesty International Publications
Subject:Women – sexual assault, violence against women|split|Children – child welfare system|split|Children – Indigenous|split|Indigenous peoples – health, welfare|split|Indigenous peoples – planning, policy|split|Indigenous peoples – statistics|split|Racism|split|Women – poverty|split|Women – planning, policy
Publisher:Amnesty International Publications
Place of Publication:London
Date of Publication:2009

This report discusses violence against aboriginal women in Canada. It looks at root causes of this problem, such as poverty in aboriginal communities, the oppression of aboriginal people, systemic racism, and other major social issues that impact these individuals. It also encourages the federal government to adopt certain policies and strategies to protect Canadian aboriginal women from violence and to improve their quality of life.

Material Type:Report

F. SOCIAL ISSUES/F.10 WOMEN/2009 No-More-Stolen-Sisters-Amnesty-2009.pdf

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